Anna Barbara Wrobel (5)

Anna Barbara Wrobel

Former People and Culture SVP – Allegro


Organization effectiveness and transformation expert. Over 15 years of experience as consultant, executive and independent advisor to businesses and NGOs. Passionate about working with individuals, teams and organizations to nurture conscious, entrepreneurial, and growing leaders. Organization impact and top team alignment maker.


Day Two - 17th May 10:00 AM

Panel Discussion: How to Improve the Employee Experience in the Hybrid world of work

Improving the hybrid employee experience requires creating a culture of flexibility and inclusion, providing the right technology, establishing clear communication channels, prioritizing employee wellbeing, empowering employees, and offering training and professional development. During this panel discussion we shall be exploring, by implementing these strategies, how organizations can reate a more positive and productive work environment for all employees.

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Day Two - 17th May 02:05 PM

Panel Discussion: From Talent Management To Agile Talent Experience. Why HR's approach to talent is in Disruption

The traditional approach to talent management is being disrupted by a need for a more agile talent experience that responds to changing workforce expectations, technology innovation, evolving business needs, growing competition for talent, and a focus on employee experience. During this engaging and interactive panel discussion, we shall be focusing on how adopting an agile approach to talent management enable people professionals, and departments can stay ahead of the curve and create a more engaging and empowering experience for their employees.

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