Heleen Mes


Heleen Mes

Founder, Managing Director – HXWork


Consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and interim HR-manager about HR at Best Workplaces. HR and Executive coach. Focus on Employee Experience, Happiness@Work, Employee Journey Design, Talent Development, innovative HR. Founder LinkedIn group Employee Experience Nederland/België and Network Employee Experience. Contact info@hxwork.nl or +31620019652.


Day Two - 17th May 10:00 AM

Panel Discussion: How to Improve the Employee Experience in the Hybrid world of work

Improving the hybrid employee experience requires creating a culture of flexibility and inclusion, providing the right technology, establishing clear communication channels, prioritizing employee wellbeing, empowering employees, and offering training and professional development. During this panel discussion we shall be exploring, by implementing these strategies, how organizations can reate a more positive and productive work environment for all employees.

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Day Two - 17th May 11:45 AM

Panel Discussion: Driving change that sticks through positive Employee Experience

Employee experience can play a crucial role in driving change management by increasing engagement, improving communication, empowering employees, building resilience, and aligning employees with the organization's goals. During this interactive panel discussion, we shall be exploring, by focusing on employee experience, how organizations can create a culture that supports change, which can lead to successful change management initiatives.

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Day One- 16th May 02:30 PM

Masterclass: Employee Experience & Design

Nr 1 Employee Experience expert of the Netherlands, Heleen Mes will offer a workshop about designing great experiences at work. Because a great employee experience is not a fluke, nor does occur automatically – you must design it. Employee experience design is a new HR skill for taking employee experience to a higher level. Employee experience design is the art of designing a great employee experience. To achieve this, employee experience design draws on proven techniques from the worlds of marketing, product & user design, and psychology. Do you want to learn more about trends in experience people love in the workplace? Techniques to improve empathy? Learn from marketing techniques as priming, framing and nudging? You are welcome to join! Key Focus: • The essentials of employee experience & employee experience design • What kind of experiences people are looking for in your organization? • Creating inspiring and meaningful experiences: what can HR learn from marketing and psychology techniques? • Best practices for more inspiration • The roadmap for a great employee experience

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