James Ryan

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James Ryan

ex CPO and COO, Senior Consultant, WorkMatters.ie


James is a highly experienced COO and CPO with a successful career in Human Resources. Originally trained in electronics engineering and software development, James found that his interests and aptitudes were better suited to engineering high-calibre teams and culture rather than creating the software and hardware itself. He has since focused on his two passions: people and technology. Over the past 20 years, he has recruited, coached, engaged, encouraged, motivated, retained, and rewarded some of the most talented digital professionals in the software, pharma, media and insurance industries. James continues to deepen his expertise in HR, constantly learning and driving people strategy in some of the most innovative companies. He has adapted his skills in agile project and programme management, originally developed in his technology management roles, and applied them to his HR, operations, and general management roles. Bringing a unique combination of technical expertise and sophisticated HR and leadership skills, James is a valuable asset to any company. He is authentic, bringing his heart, soul, and values to work every day. His understanding of people and digitalisation allows him to create connections between them, and his positive attitude and optimism make him a great listener and adviser. He is also a highly effective management and employee coach.


Day Two - 17th May 02:05 PM

Panel Discussion: From Talent Management To Agile Talent Experience. Why HR's approach to talent is in Disruption

The traditional approach to talent management is being disrupted by a need for a more agile talent experience that responds to changing workforce expectations, technology innovation, evolving business needs, growing competition for talent, and a focus on employee experience. During this engaging and interactive panel discussion, we shall be focusing on how adopting an agile approach to talent management enable people professionals, and departments can stay ahead of the curve and create a more engaging and empowering experience for their employees.

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Day One- 16th May 04:30 PM

Masterclass: How HR is Shaping a Better (Hybrid) Employee Experience through new ways of working - Case Examples & Lessons Learned

Employee experience is a critical factor for business success, particularly now as employees seek an employment deal that offers greater flexibility as well as an engaging in-office experience.  It directly impacts employee engagement, productivity, and retention – we know this.  But HR leaders are now combining AgileHR techniques and new hybrid ways of working to enhance and improve the employee experience by providing greater flexibility, autonomy, co-creation and collaboration. Join this engaging masterclass and through actual case studies: • Discover how AgileHR practices and tools are revolutionizing the Employee Experience in the Hybrid Workplace (and make HR’s job easier in the process!) • Learn effective ways for HR to support managers improve hybrid ways of working and the Employee Experience • Experience proven agile techniques that are helping to shape hybrid ways of working • Learn how employees themselves and the skillset of Personal Agility also contribute to a better and more sustainable EX – and how it can be developed.

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