Martijn Seijsener (1)

Martijn Seijsener

Global Head Employee Experience at Credit Suisse


All-round Organizational Development leader with extensive leadership experience in organization design, employee experience, large scale transformation, service design, organizational development, learning and development, culture design and working in an agile way. Qualifications of Martijn: Change Agent: ability to design, execute and influence major change or transformation efforts. Intellectual confidence and toughness, mental capacity to be a key influencer in a global and complex business environment. He possesses a range of skills and knowledge related to project management disciplines (process improvement methodologies, agile methodology, lean tools), employee experience and operating model approaches. Furthermore, he is well-versed in current and future EX & OD trends trends and understands how these trends will impact a multinational, multigenerational employee base. He has got strong leadership skills, including the ability to talk as an expert and listen to the customer at the same time, as well as the capability to collaborate and influence in 360 degrees both up and down organizationally and with peers across teams and geographies. The candidate should also possess strong organization diagnostic and consulting skills. They should be able to talk as an expert and listen to the customer at the same time. Analytical skills are also a must-have, including the ability to see the big picture while understanding the details beneath, and rapidly synthesizing a complex range of issues. They should also have the ability to analyze data and KPIs to inform business decisions. Finally, the ideal candidate should be a Design Thinker by trade, with the ability to design projects, services, and products in a human-centered way, considering the needs of the users and the capabilities of the organization. Overall, these skills and knowledge are essential for success in this role and will enable the candidate to effectively design and implement organizational strategies that drive growth and innovation. He has got telent in seeing the big picture but also understand the detail beneath, rapid synthesis of a complex range of issues, demonstrating an understanding of inter-linkages, areas of conflict and the potential sensitivities. Competent in analyzing data and KPIs to inform business decisions.


Day Two - 17th May 01:35 PM

"Never let a good crisis go waste" -Business Transformation through EX lens

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Day Two - 17th May 02:05 PM

Panel Discussion: From Talent Management To Agile Talent Experience. Why HR's approach to talent is in Disruption

The traditional approach to talent management is being disrupted by a need for a more agile talent experience that responds to changing workforce expectations, technology innovation, evolving business needs, growing competition for talent, and a focus on employee experience. During this engaging and interactive panel discussion, we shall be focusing on how adopting an agile approach to talent management enable people professionals, and departments can stay ahead of the curve and create a more engaging and empowering experience for their employees.

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